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From 2008 we invested into rechargeable lithium ion battery technology, and built a whole new modern factory manufacturing polymer lithium ion soft pouch batteries. A group of talented lithium battery experts gathered together, and our purpose is to provide top performance rechargeable lithium batteries for consumer electronics, communication, and computer industry.

Brand New Modern Factory

Designed with latest lithium ion battery manufacturing technology, our whole processes are in fully humidity and temperature controlled clean rooms. Machineries all from best suppliers in the industry.

Elites of Industry
Although our lithium manufacturing history is not long, we have experienced engineers and managers who worked in the industry for even decades, with their collective knowledge and know-how to make quality batteries from the beginning.

Focusing and Improving
Our polymer lithium-ion products are focused on 3C industries, OEM to the manufacturers, to meet their special needs. Our purpose is to be the best supplier in this niche market, not a general supplier with everything.

Best Products with Best materials
We believe quality is our customer’s top priority and we use all materials from the best suppliers of the industry,  under strict manufacturing control. Some are from , , etc. and we are proud to make the best batteries with these.







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